Intentionally limiting my computation resource

May 19, 2020

Sheltering in has resulted in me (along with many people) spending more time on screens; not only for work, but personal life. At times it feels like the metaphorical act of clocking out is turning off the work laptop and turning on the personal laptop. There seems to be no break from screens. Reflecting a bit more this weekend, I recall when computation was a limited resource.

In college, I worked in the art department's computer lab. You had to book time to work at the computer labs because they were limited, especially the Macs. The time to sit in front of a computer to do your work was limited and often meant you had to be prepared to make the most of the time. Those around my age or older often recall that a lot of work was done analog and on paper. In efforts to give myself a bit more mobility, I'm personally trying to limit my computation time and spend more time working analog when possible.

Photo of my workspace with a pencil pouch, notebook, Amazon Kindle, and iPod classic.

Especially on weekends, I'm spending more time on notebooks and sketchbooks. As you may see in the photo, there are still screens. However, they are of lower power and not intended for computation, especially doing it mindlessly. It's only been a few days in with this forcing function in place. So far, I feel great.

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