Dreaming of the bi-coastal life

April 28, 2012

I have talked to some of my friends about this and they think I am insane for even thinking this. It might make sense to just pick a city to call home and live there. However, I really love Brooklyn, New York and San Francisco, California. I don't want to choose, I want to live in both.My dream is to live in San Francisco for a week or two each month and have most of my stuff in New York. When I want to stay longer in San Francisco, I can just bring my cat with me.Here is how I think I'll make ends meet:

  • I do not have a car so I don't pay for gas, maintenance or car insurance. For what I was paying before is comprable to a plane ticket to NYC to the Bay and BART pass or Uber.
  • When I am not at the other place I can have a friend help me out with house sitting or using AirBNB to rent it out to absorb some costs.
  • Go on a spending freeze for new electronics and unnecessary products.
  • Rent a small one-bedroom or studio in San Francisco.

How it would work:

Saturday night: I spend the day relaxing by having brunch with some friends and doing my thing. It's a typical weekend like everyone else. The thought of flying five hours to San Francisco is not intimidating because it's flying to another place, not planning a trip.Sunday morning: I take an Uber or the A/C subway to JFK airport and jump on Virgin or JetBlue to catch my flight to SFO. Since I already have the other apartment, I do not need to pack any clothes or computers—just one simple small bag or even nothing.Sunday afternoon: By the time I land it is probably the early afternoon or evening—still plenty of time to get to the apartment, take a nap and relax, or go see friends. I greet my girlfriend who lives in SF or call the one in New York City to see how it's going. Please note that I mean one or the other (or neither) but not BOTH! :)Sunday night: I go have a drink with my SF friends, check work emails or watch some sports. At this point my body is already adjusted to pacific time and I'm ready for the work day tomorrow.Monday through Friday: Just another day of work. I get on my iMac at the apartment and field our typical Monday meetings. With Dropbox I have everything synced so I just pick up on the latest project seamlessly. Depending on the work load I can work a full 60-70 hours during the week. If it's slower, I can go network with startups and companies in the Bay Area and find some new leads. I go have drinks with the prospect and really pitch to him and her about presence—the fact that we have a team physically bi-coastal. I can spend a week out of the month working on site.Saturday and Sunday: I choose which day I want to take the flight back to New York, hop on a red eye flight. By the time I wake up, I have a full weekend or have a full day left to go back to my New York life.I'd love to hear what you think. Don't tell me I am crazy because I know I am, but if you have some insights or advice I'd love to hear it.

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