Five years of iPhone

January 9, 2012

"Today Apple is going to re-invent the phone" said the late CEO Steve Jobs in 2007.

Wow, was he right. I must admit, I was skeptical at the time. When it came out, I wondered to myself, "why would I give up my perfectly good Motorola RAZR and iPod (now classic) for one device?" Then, I didn't see the potential. I don't know if many of us did. That's what made Steve great. He knew what we wanted before we even knew we wanted it. A few reasons I'm thankful for the iPhone:

  • Most of our work at Xhatch is designing and developing iOS applications. I never thought I would be doing this now, but I am...forever thankful.
  • The revolution of mobile browsing. Design has shifted for mobile first, usually starting with the iPhone.
  • Applications to be constantly connected to friends, family, work and making new friends.

Happy Birthday, iPhone. I can hardly wait for the years to come. I still dream of one day having a carbon fiber iPhone.

And you? How has the iPhone changed your life? No, I do not think it is ridiculous to say it is a life-changing device.

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