Give me five lions, not 500 sheep

September 17, 2012

While in the Czech Republic Adam and I had a Rambo movie marathon. Yeah, don't ask why we did that while traveling, but we love movies. We always watch movies and really think what we can learn from it to apply to Xhatch.There was a quote that really inspired me in it, when Rambo goes to Afghanistan. His guide tells him this story.

"This cave leads to the 'Valley of the Five Lions'. The Afghan king was supposed to send 500 warriors into battle. He only sent five. The five best, and they won. He said, better five lions than 500 sheep." —Rambo III

I'm not sure if this story is true or accurate, but it really resonated with me. I totally agree with the quote. Give me five really good engineers and designers over 500. Why? Because I truly believe that one really good engineer can do the work of several bad/mediocre ones.It's very similar to the samurai culture—see 13 Assassins. I love working with a small team of guys and gals. There are less moving parts and everyone needs to trust each other.If you're hiring someone, I suggest you find some lions.

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