How do you choose where to work next?

August 7, 2020

I'm testing out my new microphone by experimenting with audio blogging.


I had a chance to speak at a tech panel today. It was with the university of Washington. It was called upward bound tech. One of the students asked me something really interesting. They asked, how do you choose? Where do you work next?

And I answered it in the exact same way. I always do. With any questions that remotely sounds similar to that. When I'm at the end of my career. And I'm around my loved ones. And the people I used to work with. I asked myself. Where are those stories? I want to tell. What do I want to remember?

Whether it's the longterm impact of what you did at work. Or those small moments in those day to day conversations you had with colleagues over lunch. What do I want to remember? That's basically how I choose where I want to work. Obviously, there are things to think about like career. The impact outcomes, rewards.

These are all okay. Things to want and think about. But in the end of the day, There's always going to be more cheese, more that you can get.

When does it stop for you? What is enough? Only you can answer that.

What's that overarching story. You want to be able to tell, not only for the public community, but for yourself. What would you be really proud of? It's not just about rewards and outcomes either. It's about those trials and tribulations, those challenging times he faced the times you wanted to quit.

But you kept going. And you grew from that. When I look back at my career, I want to think about all those moments, that growing moments and the successes. I believe if you focus on that story that you want to tell at the end of your career. You're going to know exactly where you should go work next

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