(My) Empire State of Mind

September 17, 2011

I don't know what it is, but something about New York City seems to bring out the best in me. It is very cliche to say, but this city is so inspiring. You can either ride the wave of energy or get buried by it. I'm choosing to ride that wave and seizing the opportunity. Today we made our first contract offers to three people at Xhatch, a huge step for Adam and I. As I sat at East River State Park I looked at the Williamsburg Bridge, just thinking about what we have done.Nothing.We haven't done anything. All we have done is set the pieces to do something. Life is about momentum and taking advantage of that. We can take all that energy (positive and negative) and utilize it or get overwhelmed by it.We have decided to utilize it. We could worry about our budget and if we should take a bank loan or get an investor, but instead we're going to capitalize and look at it in the most positive way possible.It's a very good time to be in New York City and be in the midst of energy and people. My goal here is to spend as much time as I can from designers and get inspired, visit art museums and of course, the Apple Store.My goal is simple: to utilize as much physical, emotional and spiritual energy on what I love and not let negativity (brought upon myself or others) interfere.Let's ride that wave of energy.

Proof of Concept: The 000 Series

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