My Ten 2011 Moments Told by Instagram

December 24, 2011

I was looking through my Instagram photos of 2011 and was blown away by so many great moments I've had. One thing I like about Instagram is your ability to try to manipulate the essence of the moment, not just taking a photograph of what was exactly seen. Here are ten moments that I really remember. This is by no means a top ten list, but just some to share.

Empire State of Mind. Emerald City at Heart.

A view from the Top of the Rock. This city is many people here doing great things. I hope I can contribute something.

A New Hope

It was this photo that I was able to connect with someone I really care about. Whatever one believes in, there is something surreal about the way things align for people to meet each other. The photo itself is in front of Buckingham Palace in London.

New Beginnings

As I was unpacking in my new apartment in New York City this December, my cat Wilson (MegaKitty) looks out, observing. It was this moment that I realized this is new beginnings for the both of us. Crazy to think this little guy has been part of 1/3 of my life.

Happiness in Spain

This year I randomly decided to quit my job and book a one-way flight to Europe. I spent 4 months abroad and had time to think and really reflect about who I am and who I want to be. This photo is of my friend Nasim and I in Figueres, Spain. While in Europe I lost about 25 pounds and happiness was re-introduced in my life.

European Reflection

The beginning of my European trip in Croatia. This photo is taken by my friend Vivian. I looked out to the sea, facing Seattle, reflecting.

A Parisian Promise

I decided to leave a lock of love here for myself hopes for someone in the future. Here is the post about it.


Spent months in Paris this year—only to realize I absolutely love it and it is a place I want to live someday.

Raiders Game in Oakland

In October, my best friend from college Mike and I flew down to Oakland to see a Raiders game. It was the first home game since Al Davis died. The Raiders beat the Browns and was the best sporting event I have ever been to. Silver and black until the day I die.

In Europe with My Brother

My brother and his wife was able to join me in Paris. It was the first time we hung out together in Europe. I hope there are more moments like this.

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