Outpost Lounge: A great Brooklyn cafe for inspiration

October 27, 2012

I went to Outpost cafe for the first time today with Jess and Paula. It's a Cafe in Clinton Hill. Jess heard about it from someone at the Brooklyn Flea, was told that the owner is from Seattle (not positive about this) and we went to check it out.Such a great spot! If All Saints and Zombie Hut had a baby, it'd be Outpost. The interior had exposed lights and plenty of tables to read, work, and hang out around. The back is where it reminded me of Zombie Hut. Also, they have outlets outside! Being from Seattle, I forget that you can work outside without getting rained on.

I'll definitely come back here to work, read, and enjoy the great coffee. If anyone is every interested in meeting up for a coffee, let's go here!

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