Things I love about Paris

April 23, 2011

Crazy to think I've been in Paris for about ten days now. I love how the people are getting familiar, I know where I'm going ad it just feels like a temporary residence. Those who know me know that I love lists. Here are a list of things I love about Paris so far:

  • People walk everywhere. No wonder people are so fit here. Part of it is probably because of all the people who live here and traffic is terrible, but it's such a norm to walk everywhere here. Definitely does not remind me of Seattle, where you have to take seventeen buses to get to another neighborhood.
  • The girls are so simple here. Everywhere we go, there are pretty girls everywhere. However, it's a simplistic pretty. They are so stylish here, but it's not overtly extravagant and they don't wear much makeup here.
  • Emotions are reserved for authenticity. People don't smile here often, but when they do, it feels very synthetic. It's not that they're not happy here, but a smile, a touch, and dare I say...a hug is reserved for when they want to express emotions deeply.
  • People love to read. When we were strolling Luxembourg park, I couldn't tell you how many people I saw, quietly reading a nice book. They were there for hours as well.
  • The buildings are beautiful. Even a bad building seems good here. Perhaps it is because of the age of the city of lights but it seems as if every building has a story, a purpose, and a new purpose.
  • People are very much in love here. As cliche as it sounds, it is so true. Young and old alike, couples here seem to be constantly holding hands, sitting along the Seine and having conversations. It amazing how a gesture of a woman putting her head on a man's shoulders can express so much love.

There's definitely a theme here: simplicity. How does a city so large have such a simple lifestyle? People here have all the time in the world, it seems like.

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