Are you an individual or company that could use my help? I'd be happy to chat. A few services I offer:

1:1 Coaching

I offer 1:1 coaching on the topics of design management/leadership, experience prototyping and org design. Sessions are $75 per 30 minutes. My clients are typically new design managers (brand or product), design leads considering management, and solo designers at startups.

I strongly prefer to bill your employer instead of you and encourage you to talk to your employer to see if you have benefits such as Compt as a way to subsidize your sessions.


Does your company need help with a specific project? Have a startup idea that needs early design concepts? Have a need for a mobile app and need advice on whether it should be React Native or Swift? I can be the co-founder you don't need forever and have worked with startups such as Fernish.

Most work is around design systems, product design, user research, and brand.

Training and Workshops

Photo from workshop at UX Cambridge.

I offer half day (4 hours) workshops for companies or conferences.

- Introduction to design leadership
- There and back again: an intro to product discovery
- Build to learn: experience prototyping and intrapreneurship

(Please reach out for a sample agenda)

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