Seeking walking conversations

January 3, 2020

As many people, I've been thinking about the new year (and decade) and reflect what I want to focus on. Health and wellness is something on the top of my mind. This is the year I'd like to substantially improve my health, which includes more dieting and exercise. I noticed a lot of gatherings and conversations often happen over food and drinks. Don't get be wrong, I love such activities but they are contrary to my goal. I'd like to experiment with cutting alcohol out of my diet entirely.

Photo of Pacific Heights neighborhood

Happy Hours are great to catch up and have conservations with people, but I'd like to find a new activity to do so. When I was at One Medical we often took advantage of being right on Embarcadero to do walking 1:1s. It was a great way to have conversations and get some exercise in. Why not do this with friends and new friends?

Now at Webflow, I work remote and in San Francisco. You can find me in Presidio Heights (where I live), Los Angeles, or SOMA (where Webflow's HQ is). I'm looking do walking conversations with individuals or small groups. I love the idea of grabbing a coffee or tea to fuel the walk, have great conversations, while getting a bit of exercise in.

If you're interested in meeting up in San Francisco or Los Angeles to go for a walk, let me know! Also if you're remote, we can walk in our respective locations and talk on the phone.

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